Have you missed me?

Hello, my darlings!

OH-MY-GOD, it feels so homey and on the other side, very strange, to be writing in this “little box” again. It has been more than two months since I’ve written something on my blog and I am truly ashamed of it- my dad is asking me constantly when I’ll have some time to write a post again. The truth is, I really am super busy, but I have to admit that’s no excuse for not writing at all in TWO MONTHS.

I didn’t spend much time on the computer in past months, though. School was crazy- 9 tests in November, a lot of reports to write and tons of homework all the time. I was buried in school, so when I had some time to relax, I watched TV shows (at the moment I am enjoying in the chemistry of a charming writer, named Richard Castle and an awesome detective Kate Beckett- love them!).

Actually, I don’t really now to who am I apologizing- I don’t have any frequent readers, only my dad and mum haha. But anyways, I write for myself too, so… sorry, Neža haha 😀

What have I been up to in the last two months? Most of all, school. But there were 4 beautiful, carefree days spent in Paris… Okay, I’ve also gone there with school, but nevermind, it was still stunning. My first time in Paris and I fell in love with it, deeply. Somehow I like it more than London and I don’t know how that’s possible, because I was sure that I won’t like Paris more than the ancient London. But it has its charm- can’t wait to go back on my own or with my parents, friends…

(I’ll write especially about Paris tomorrow, I promise. Or maybe I have to promise that I’ll write it about this week. Yes, that’s all I can give you haha).

I also have been doing whole lot of nothing this past 4 days, being ill and all that. Yeah, again- I don’t know if my immune system is kidding with me or what. Getting tired of being ill all the freaking time -.-

When the fever stopped, I started making “Christmas&Happy New Year” cards. And if you knew me well, you would know how strange that is. I can’t do anything with my hands, like nothing at all- no hairstyles, my writing isn’t really lovely if we consider that I am a girl and I am not handy at all. I draw like a 5 years old child, I swear and I’ve always hated doing any kind of “simple art”, like xmas cards and decorations. But somehow, I was so bored, being home alone ill and all that, I tried something and it wasn’t so bad as I thought. So I am very proud, even though a 12 years old girl would probably do it better haha. Tried to make a very pleasant enviroment in my room, so some candles were just right to set the ambient 🙂


So, when the mood was right, I realized that there is not enough light to do Christmas cards without screwing something up, so oops… I had to turn on the light hahah 😀

Here is the result (remember, I am really bad with my hands hahah) :


Yaaay! 😛


This one is for my grandpa, it says:

My dear favourite grandpa,

Merry Christmas and

a Happy New Year 2014 🙂

I have about 12-14 cards, I didn’t have energy to do more.


Only two days left… and then I’ll be 17 years old. I hope that my 17th year of life will be better than the year 2013 and my 16th year of life… There were a lot of bad things that happened this year and they kinda clouded the whole “Life is my passion” thing. But still, I think that there is no rainbow with a little bit of rain 🙂

I have a lot to tell, but all at once… There will be some Paris talk in the following days and of course my birthday talk and my new superfantastic NYX Cosmetics review (I got it from http://www.mojadrogerija.si).

So, read me and have a nice Sunday, darlings.




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