Summer of 2014

Well, that thing with me writing more during holidays didn’t work out quite that well haha! But I am truly having a blast this summer; actually, I can say I am having a great time this year in general. Something inside of me has changed and I feel like I am a different person… But I am happier.
I don’t know what happened and it doesn’t even matter. I don’t want to question or think about my happiness too much, I just want to feel it.
So, what have I been up to? I haven’t been home all that much, because we went to a kind of school trip to Spain in the beginning of July. I don’t know if that’s a tradition in any other country, but one summer before finishing highschool we go to a trip that is based on drinking. Like, literally, they take us to another country to drink alcohol somewhere near a beach hahaha. A bit of sightseeing too, but that’s not the point. Actually, it’s hilarious and pointless, but that’s just how it is. They even say alcohol is 100% forbidden before we go, but then even the teachers drink with us. Even though it was epic and I bet we will be talking about it for ages to come, the whole concept is quite funny. We spent one night in Cannes and frankly, I didn’t like it there. We stayed in a hotel that was in the same building as McDonalds and they took us to dinner half an hour walk away. I mean, whaaaaat?! I also realized that French people eat half as much as Slovenians in one meal, so I won’t even mention the boys were starving and they almost spent the rest of the night at McDonalds. Next day we travelled to Barcelona (on the way we stopped in Figueras–> Salvador Dali’s museum) and they put us in a hotel that is like half an hour drive from La Rambla, so we were stuck in a street with tons of apartment buildings and a whole lot of grumpy old ladies. But we still had a lot of fun and not so much sleep. The next day, we finally reached Lloret de Mar and that was the place where the real party begun. We stayed there for 3 days (2 nights) and partied at the beach and the Londoner Club. Me and my friend kind of fled to another club calles Colossos or something and it was freaking crazy out there. The DJ was talking in German and I kind of realized that there was a whole arena of Germans surronding us hahah! But it was still fun, even though we didn’t understand what the people on the stage were saying. The last day of our trip we had to leave the hotel, but we were allowed to stay at the hotel pool and chill there. We were all a bit… Well, hungover.
In the evening we took a local bus to Barcelona and later took a plane to Milano–> that was ridiculous, because we have about 9 hours drive to our hometown from Milano. I almost freaked out on the bus, because I couldn’t sleep at all and I felt like I am having some kind of a heat stroke. Finally, we reached home at 9 A.M and I unpacked, then slept untill 7 P.M, ate like a pig and then slept from midnight too 1 P.M hahah. I felt fu*ked up for another 3 days, but then it was time to leave and visit the Croatian seaside with my cousin and her family. So, currently, I am lying on the beach at 19:13, writing this on my iPod and thinking about taking a swim. It’s really relaxing here and I finally have some time again to READ. During the school year, I started to reading less and less books, because I was tired of reading (=studying). Now I got my passion for reading back and that makes me happy! I even saved “The fault in our stars” to read it here and it was magical. I thought I wouldn’t like it so much, but I guess I am just so mainstream hahaha. But this book deserves a special chapter, so I’ll leave it for the next time I decide to write something.
I am leaving for Japan on Saturday and I am going to spend the rest of the summer there–> thank god, I miss japanese people, food and climate so much. So excited as the first time, really! :)
So, time for swimming folks!
Have a lovely day,
I’ll post some photos later, ’cause I am writing this on a phone and somehow, it doesn’t want to upload a media file. Ugh. Sorry :)

Last year of high school, I am coming!

Hi guys :)

As you can guess, I am back from Japan. Actually I’ve been back for almost a month now and that’s how I see that the time really does just fly by… I thought to myself: “Hey, I haven’t written a post for a while now”, but “a while” turned into a whole month. But I never really were a person that can stick to a hobby and for me, writing a blog is definitely a hobby.

What’s new… Well, I guess quite a lot! The last days in Japan were perfect and as always when you are having fun, time just flew by. The weather was much nicer than the last time we were in Japan in May, so I was quite surprised. I spent some time with my friend Ami and met tons of awesome people through her, also saw a beautiful flower park and visited a japanese home. Oh man, I just have to add some pictures, so you can get a grasp of Japan :)


An amazing fish exhibition at the Hakata Station. Mind blowing. Actually, fish are not the point, the design is what fascinates people so much that they are ready to wait in a 1km long queue. I SWEAR, we were actually standing in the longest line I had ever seen. But that’s just a Japanese thing, you know, standing in lines :p


This is a… birthday cake. Actually, it’s a rollcake, made into a birthday cake for Ami’s dad. It’s also a cat. We called it Catonara, because sayonara means “goodbye” in Japan, actually more of “goodbye for a long time”, and we knew we have to cut the CAT CAKE, so we named it… Catonara. It was hilarious at the time :D


So, this is from the day my mum and I got back from the fish exhibition and we decided to take a walk around our bay. It was a mesmerizing evening and I realized how much I actually love nature, how much I love water, how much I adore the sound of the sea. One of my biggest wishes hasn’t changed yet–> I want to live near the some day. Since forever I had some strange connection with water and I don’t know why hahah… Maybe because my home is near a river? Okay, probably not :)


Okay, I know that Starbucks isn’t something I should be talking about when I talk about Japan, but somehow, one of my favourite rituals in the morning was a walk to Aeon, grabbing an iced coffee latte and a cheese cake for me and my mum. Starbuck is like a wonderland for me, because WE DON’T HAVE IT IN SLOVENIA. Yeah, you read it right. So it’s quite funny when we go to Pariz or London with school and all of us girls take tons of pictures with Starbucks cups and shit. And boys go to Pizza Hut, of course.


The thing I miss about Japan most (besides my dad, who stayed there of course hahah), is food, of course. It’s delicious. From sushi to soba soup and tempura, I love absolutely everything.

This time I also got a grasp of japanese countryside, that is only 40 minutes out of Fukuoka, when we went to visit Mr Godler. His house is absolutely amazing, but because of privacy reasons I won’t post any pictures of it, of course. I just have to say that I could imagine myself writing a novel in every single room of that house. It looks like a house from an Agatha Christie novel, but it also has some japanese typical things in it.

Okay, enough of Japan, because I am back home now. I have been for one month, as I said before. And basically, I didn’t see much of outdoors or people this month. Why? School. May is the main “exam season” in our lovely Slovenia and because I missed one week of school because of Japan, I had two extra exams waiting for me + 6 “regular” ones.

So, may I present the list of my LOVELY exams:

19. 5- History

20. 5- English

23.5- Biology

27.5- Slovenian

29.5- Chemistry

30.5- Math

2.6- Psychology

6.6- Geography

I nearly died, especially in the “Chemistry-Math” week–> I absolutely hate, hate, hate Chemistry and I am afraid of Math. Hahah, afraid of Math, why? I don’t know, some kind of phobia from the past, because I got my first bad grade at Math class and a teacher from elementary school said to me that I won’t pass Math in highschool and that kind of stuck with me.

However, I finished May and June exams more than okay, it was GREAT! :D And I realized that I am better when I am working under pressure, somehow I do much more… but that’s probably a very common thing haha. This year I was also the editor of our school yearbook and it was a lot of work to do there too, also in May… But okay, school is just a thing that I somehow control. It’s funny, because my friends see me as a clumy, unorganized and sometimes very confused person, but they know I am the exact opposite in school. Thank god! Because I don’t really have any other talents- not handy at all, so I am not capable to do anything but study well hahaha :( Sad, but true.

I don’t even believe it myself, but it is true… Only two more days of school on Monday and Tuesday and then we are off to almost three months (okay, actually 2 months and about 20 days) of doing nothing. SUMMER HOLIDAYS <3

When we come back on 1st of September, we’ll be “seniors”. Yeah, last year of high school is coming and in less than 9 months I’ll have to decide which university I’ll enroll in and… somehow, I am in that kind of situation that I don’t have no idea what I am going to do in life. So, yeah, I’ve got some thinking to do this summer. I won’t even start babbling about how freaking fast high school is moving and how much that scares me…

This weekend I am going to *still a secret*. Why still a secret? Because it’s a birthday present/surprise for my bestfriendfor17yearsnow and she still doesn’t quite know what exactly I’m planning. I just hope she’ll enjoy and we will have some time to relax after a long month of non-stop studying.

Okay, that is what happens if you don’t write a blog for a more than a month. You have too much to say.

Have a nice day,

Neža :)


Song of the week for me personally!

Avispa Fukuoka vs Oita Trinita


Unfortunately Avispa lost the second game in a row and again a Kyushu island derbi. I can say that I am not angry or disappointed, just fairly sad because I believe that my dad&the players are more than frustrated right now. But that’s sport, that’s football- one day you are on the top, next day you can easily fall down from your pediestal. 

I can also say that I am a little bit silly, silly as in being superstitious- every freaking time I see my dad’s match here in Japan, they lose. Every freaking time. It’s like we are jinxed. My mum actually stayed at home today, ’cause she also believes that, but I went anyways- not a good decision, I see. I know it’s stupid, me being or not being there probably doesn’t affect the game, but a person can easily believe strange things when it comes to winning and losing in sports. While I was showering yesterday, after a pleasant match of tennis (even though it was a bit too hot to run around on the direct sunlight for an hour) I had the strangest thought- I always wear high heels when I go to the match, so I’ll just wear Converse shoes tomorrow. Hahaha, god. The things we think about under the shower, right? 

But I still wore Converse All Star shoes and they still lost. Somehow I was very positive and I had a feeling that Avispa’ll win against Oita, also the weather was perfect for a match with a happy result… it didn’t work out as I expected, but hey, shit happens! At least today Avispa’s players fought in the first half and it looked like they know what they are doing haha. We also scored a goal after only 5 minutes of the game, so it was definitely a good start. The only problem is that when in the second half we received two goals (one from 11m, after a very doubtful referee decision), the players freaked and started running around like scared goats who just want to get rid of the ball, so they pass it all around the pitch and it seemed like they didn’t realize that 80% of the balls were lost to the opposite team. Oh, man.


Today there were a lot of Oita’s supporters- I guees because it was a Kyushu derbi, Oita is not far away and you can also witness the Dontaku Festival in Fukuoka, so maybe people came for that too. Avispa’s players are going to attend the festival tomorrow, so me and my family are going also, of course. Actually I can’t wait, because I’ve heard many things about Japanese festivals and I missed the Dontaku festival for just one week last year, so I am truly excited for tomorrow :) Ofcourse I’ll post some pictures of my own tomorrow, but for now, that is what Google says that the festival looks like–>


Have a nice day (or night, if you are also in Japan) darlings!


Football- not just a sport

As I promised yesterday, today is the day I decided to talk about football. Why football, you might ask? Well, this is probably the first word I heard as a baby or at least a word that evolves around football. As you may know, football is the thing that allows our family to live a good life, my dad being a football coach and all :D So as you can imagine, yes, there is a lot of talk about this sport in my family and not only in my family, but in the whole wide circle of people my family hangs out with. As a young child, I always could sense the time after lunch when my mum and her friends started talking gossip and my dad and his guy friends started having hardcore debates about which formation to play or what my dad’s club could do better the last time they played a game… Or they simply moved to the living room, with a beer in their hands perhaps, and started watching a game of Premier League. I spent most of my childhood in the company of dad’s football players or on the pitch, running around as a small girl, that all around adored. (I kind of miss me being young and sweet, not blushing every time I see a cute football player or if he, godforsakes, speaks to me haha :D But I guess this is just a part of growing up and I’ll have to deal with it.) 

Back to football. I know many people that can say: “Well, don’t get pissed about that, football is just a sport!” 

Darlings, for me, football is not just a sport. You know why? Because for my dad football is life. He eats, breathes and sleeps football and if someone you care about, loves something so much, you just have to love it too. I can’t say I am any kind of football expert- actually, for a girl that has been living in football circles for 17 years now, I know very little about football. I know and can explain what offside is in theory, but watching a game, I usually yell offside only when the people I know around me start yelling on the judge. Lame, I know. Sometimes I say: “Hey, dad, he is a good player, right?” and he just stays quiet. So I guess he is just cute to me, not a good player at all. Oops, rookie mistake. 

Joke aside, our life really does evolve around soccer. I don’t mind, I really don’t, because dad is actually my inspiration- I can only wish for a job that would make me so happy and fulfilled, a job that would interest me in the way football interests my father. Because of his job, I have seen many places and got to know many people and I don’t think my life would be so full of knowledge and connections, if my dad wasn’t a football coach. After all, me visiting Japan would not happen anywhere in the near future, if dad hadn’t been working here. It’s true that football is the thing that keeps our family apart most of the time, but this is just the kind of lifestyle we are used to and when people ask me: “How do you manage to live like that, not seeing your dad for months?”… I don’t want to be rude  to my dad when I say: “Easily.” But it just is how it is; I was born into that kind of a lifestyle, I find it normal and I just wouldn’t understand if my dad got home at 3PM and we would everything together. I need time for myself, a lot of time for myself actually and I like to feel independent, so our kind of lifestyle is the one I want to live. 

In the near future, I really have to ask my dad to teach me how to watch soccer and really understand it. I recognize a good game, a bad game, a good player, a bad player, a good club and a bad club… But I just want to watch this sport with the same passion my dad does. Some day, I want to understand it the same way my dad does. If not football, I simply want to find something that would make me so happy, make me work with so much passion. 

Both of my parents inspire me in a certain way… don’t want to sound cheesy, but they truly are my idols and I hope they know that. Somehow, this post turned into a post about my family more than a post about football. But hey… our family is in football. So yeah :)

Something that is definitely true–>


And a photo from today… no distractions, only the field.



I am very tired now haha, so I think I’ll just go to sleep.

Have a nice day, lads!


I am back “home”.

Hello there! :)

As promised, a new post, after almost two months (if we don’t count the one I wrote yesterday, yawning about how sleepy I am)…

So… Where am I, you might ask?! I am in Japan, of course. I almost can’t believe it myself, because it feels like yesterday when I last landed on the Fukuoka Airport and now I am back again… but it actually has been about 8 months since I’ve last visited my dad/Japan. Lately I’ve been thinking constantly about how quickly time is passing for me in the school year 2013/2014… only one month of exams left (in May I won’t be eating and sleeping, only breathing and studying haha) and then 20 days in June, but when I finish with the exams in May, I know that I am finished with school for good. Well, for two months of summer holidays hahah… But the school system is organized so that in the last year of highschool we only have few subjects as obligatory + two subjects we pick ourselves for “matura” (matura is a Slovenian expression that I don’t know how to translate in English, also my English professor uses matura even when she speaks English, so I guess it doesn’t even have a translation… well, never mind–> matura is like a final exam at the end of highschool and the results we achieve in this exam usually count as 40% of points when we are getting into college… It consists of Slovenian language, Mathematics, second language; English or German or Spanish and two subjects we pick ourselves… I will take psychology and Spanish, but as the second language I will of course choose English. You can take Mathematics and languages on standard or high level… I’m sadly not capable of taking Math on high level hahah, so I’ll only take English and Spanish on HL). 

Oh god, I got so lost in school again hahah… And I thought I shut my brains off for this two weeks I am going to spend here… But I guess I am such a nerd, I just can’t stop thinking about school. Like ever. DID I MENTION, THAT THERE IS NO MORE CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS AND BIOLOGY FOR ME NEXT YEAR?! YAAAAAAAY. And yes, this kind of annoucment does require caps lock, because I hate chemistry and physics so much I just can’t handle it, so I am so happy… Pharrell Williams kind of happy :P My last physics test was on 24th of April and my last Chemistry test is waiting for me when I get back home from Japan. Yuck. But nevermind, it’s the last time I’ll have to learn it in my life. While I am here, I’ll have to learn Geography, but that’s interesting for me, so it’s not such a big of a deal. Oh, and I have to do something for psychology, but enough of that…

I was planning to talk about Japan.

Me and my mum started our trip in Vienna on 26th of April… On 27th of April we arrived to Tokyo Narita airport and then continued our way to Fukuoka. This trip is an absolute stress for my mum, because she hates aeroplanes, height AND small spaces, so yup… Spending more than 11 hours on an aeroplane is no fun haha. I only get annoyed because I can’t sleep at all, not even for a minute, so I just get so bored, but it’s still better than being afraid AND bored. Actually, this trip I wasn’t so bored as the first and second time, I kind of managed to keep myself busy :) 

But anyways, one day of travelling and 7 hours of time difference really does take its toll and I was just soooo tired when we got here, I almost collapsed. Dad brought us roses (I got white, mum got red) and I also got a Kumamo bear wallet, so CUTE. I knew I had to stay up at least until 7PM, because if I went to bed earlier, I would get up in the middle of the night. So we went for a walk, we had something to eat, said “kampai” with chapmagne and then I collapsed in my bed hahah. 

Image first day food–> sushi and soba noodles.

Image white roses.

Image Na zdravje! (Kampai!)

On Monday we didn’t do anything special… I slept for 17 hours of course hahah, and then my mum and I went to buy something for lunch, dad had a training session and later on we spent some time together, which is the point of this trip afterall. 

But yesterday, on Tuesday… Well, I have to say it was a very interesting day haha! A lot of firsts… 

First, let me start with the game. Or I rather won’t. Avispa Fukuoka lost the Kyushu island derbi against Kitakyushu. At home. Level 5 stadium. An awful game. I can’t even talk about it. Now I think of myself and mum as a unlucky “talisman” hahah, because everytime we watch dad’s game here in Fukuoka, they lose. Gosh. I won’t talk about football anymore, let leave that for tomorrow :)

Me and my mum went to see the game with dr. Godler and his wife, Mrs. Kyoko. Dr. Godler is from Slovenia, but he has been living here for about 25 years!! I admire him, because he is doctor of robotics and on the other hand a very modest and super pleasant guy (also his wife, of course). After the game, we waited for our dad and tried to lighten up the mood, so we went to British pub (Morris bar) and later on to an excellent Japanese restaurant… I don’t know how is it called, but anyways–> we tried almost everything on the menu, so I felt like a stuffed turkey. But it was soooo tasty, njum! Food here in Fukuoka is simply marvelous :) 

My dad knows an interesting place in Tenjin, where you can smoke sisha, eat Turkish kebab and baklava, drink Turkish tea and coffee… You can find everything in Fukuoka haha! :D There was an interesting guy who served us sisha, baklava and kebab to Mr. Godler and my dad.. He said he is from Ankara, but he lived in New Zealand for 12 years, now he has been here for about three and a half years. It seemed like he really admires his country and knows a lot about of its history, so we talked about how Turkey is one of the cribs of civilization… I agree with him, the history of Turkey is simply mesmerizing :) 

Before I sad there were a lot of firsts that evening haha! :D Well, yes, Mr. Godler and my mum tried sisha for the first time. Mrs Kyoko tried sisha, baklava and kebab for the first time. And I… I tried to eat with chopsticks for the first time yesterday. Of course my mum and dad always had encouraged me to try to eat with chopsticks, but because I was just being a stubborn teenager, I never tried it before yesterday. But I nailed it hahaha! 


I noticed I have a very special and different technique, but for now it somehow works haha :D So I’ll just stick to it.

Now I am heading to Tenjin, so I have to dress up and try to look at least half as well dressed and cute as Japanese girls hahah…:D

I wish you all a nice day, darlings!



I was 101% certain that I’ll write a post today. I even noted some of my ideas (I had quite a few through the day) in my phone and I had so much energy and drive only two hours ago… But now, sitting in my bed, I am typing this with the 1% energy level I have left in my body hahah, but for tomorrow I can PROMISE you an interesting post! :)

Until then, try to guess where I am right now ;)

I need some sleep. Urgently. 

Good night folks.