Happy place :)


I know, I am horrible. My sincere apology to all of you (all six of you hahah) that are reading my so called blog- I don’t know why I write so rarely, I guess I am just lazy haha.

While I was vacuuming the house in the morning (I am good girl!), I had all kinds of deep thoughts, because, well,  I hate vacuuming, and the only thing that helps, is that I slip into my own imaginary world and just get it done with. Haha, now vacuuming sounds like a HORRIBLE thing and I sound like a lazy, laaazy person- which I am. I am sorry now that I didn’t stop with vacuuming and just sit down and write this post, because I had so many wonderful ideas what to write about, but I know that if I had done that, I’d never finish vacuuming (“if clauses”… I don’t know how to use them, sorry guys). 

What was I thinking about, you might ask? I was thinking about that right now, I am very happy. I am in a happy place, my thoughts are positive and even though it’s raining outside, I see sun everywhere. Why? I do not really know. I guess I’ve just decided that 2014 will be a much better year than 2013 and it already is- because I want it to be. I was in a dark place for most of the last year and now I am done with that. I realized that the only person who can make you happy and content is… well, yourself. I think that the key to happiness is in being with people who make you smile and give you some new energy and also, it’s very important to think positive. You have to work hard for what you want, while being happy with what you have! Also, don’t regret anything you did in your life, because at that time, you probably thought that is the right thing to do and because of that, it was the right thing. You have to take care of yourself, but be sure not to hurt others while doing that. In life there will always be ups and downs, and sometimes there’ll be downs for quite some time… But you see, there truly is no rainbow without a little rain and now I understand that. I know there will soon be moments when I’ll be miserable again (maybe next week, if I get my period hahaha), but I want to stop worrying about my future. 

And I am now sure I want to be a doctor. I just have to figure out how to get to med school and finish it without losing my mind hahaha. But I am sure that (almost) everything is possible, if you wish it hard enough… Well, not wish it, but WORK FOR IT. 

Also, I have to say… if I had a change to change things from the past, I would just do it all over again… why? Because I think that bad things that happen to you really do make you stronger. Yes, they also fuck you up mentally, but when you get through your anger, your sadness, you can see that everything in life is a lesson. 

Well, this whole post sounds like an annoying cliche… but it’s all true, though :)

Next time I decide to actually write something, I hope I will be as content with my life as I am now… and I will probably talk about the Winter Olympics! 


La vie est belle. Even when you doubt it. 

Have a lovely day, whoever you are.



Leonardo DiCaprio and The Wolf of Wall Street

Let me get this straight:

Leonardo DiCaprio is not just a drop dead gorgeous looking guy, he is also a BRILLIANT actor. If you remember him only by his baby face (he still has it, yes, but he combines it with an incredible masculine figure and a jaw that can not deny that he is a man… yes, I also know what his jaw looks like, don’t judge me!) in Titanic or one of his earlier films, you gotta watch The Wolf of Wall Street, Shutter Island, Django Unchained, J. Edgar, Blood Diamond, Inception, The Aviator, Revolutionary Road... He is also amazing in Total Eclipse, where he plays young poet Arthur Rimbaud and he is like 20 years old in that film. AND WE CAN NOT FORGET HIS ROLE in What’s eating Gilbert Grape, in which he plays a mentally challenged young man and he does it PERFECT. At the age of 18, I might add.

Romeo+Juliet, of course, also amazing. 

I just don’t get it he doesn’t have an Oscar yet. He was nominated three times: for The Aviator, Blood Diamond and What’s eating Gilbert Grape, but still no Oscar in his hands and me watching him giving the speech. Damn. I won’t say that awards are not important, like some actors and actresses say in their interviews, because they are. It means that people acknowledge your work, they think it is good and it means something. And Leonardo’s work surely means hell of a lot, I am sure that not only to me. 

I get into some kind of “wawes of obsession” over Leonardo all the time… They are times I am too busy with just living my life to think about someone so much, but ALWAYS when I watch one of his films (I have watched Titanic for about 10 times, Django Unchained 3 times, What’s eating Gilbert Grape only 2 times, Blood Diamond only once, etc…and I will surely watch The Wolf of Wall Street for about 4 times more!), I get back to being completely obsessed with him. Okay, not obsessed, because I am not fan-mailing him or even stalking him on social networks, etc… I just kind of watch a lot of his films and try to convince other people that he is one of top ten actors in Hollywood right now. 

(I know that he is born on November 11th and I see a pattern here… All the Scorpions I know, they are brilliant at something.)

Okay, I lost myself. Where was I?

Ah. Yes, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is good at what he does. I still think it’s far from right how much money actors and actresses get for being good at what they do, but still… I admire some of them very much, because they are true artists (I also adore Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Benedict Cumberbatch, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Cuba Gooding Jr, Morgan Freeman, Sean Penn, Al Pacino, Tom Hiddleston… the list goes on). 

So why, all of these actors, I decided to spend an hour of my day just to write about Leonardo?

Because I was at the movies on Friday with my family and we watched The Wolf of Wall Street… they decided to go with me, not because of Leo, but because of our lovely Slovenian lady Katarina Čas- your probably know her as Chantelle (Katarina Cas), from The Wolf of Wall Street, if you remember her at all. I didn’t even dare to go pee during the movie, because I didn’t know which she will show, so at the end of the movie, my bladder nearly exploded. 

Why is she so important to us? Because we are Slovenians, a nation with many complexses… Why? Because, so far, probably 99% percent of world population don’t even know we exist and there are only 2 million of us, most of young people are emigrating outside of our country because there are no jobs and everything is awful at the moment… But let’s save this for another day. 

We are just so proud that a Slovenian actress is playing alongside people like Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill, in a film directed by a brilliant director Martin Scorsese. 



She is very down to earth and I think she is also beautiful… but I must say: her dress for the premiere doesn’t flatter her at all, so I’ll show another photo of her haha. 



Let’s move to the movie- I liked it, yes. It’s a bit awkward, watching it, while sitting between your mum and your dad with a packs of Nachos, because there is sex or drugs nonstop… or there is sex and drugs combined. My mum says it pains her, because she read that the movie is based on a true story, but if you are watching it, trying to forget it is mostly real, you can enjoy. ESPECIALLY in the perfection of Leonardo, playing his role as Jordan Belfort. He doesn’t have to play Jordan’s charm and all, but when he turns all psycho on his wife at the end, when she wants a divorce, he plays his character so well, that I ALMOST, ALMOOOST hate Leo too, so I have to remind myself: that’s not him, it’s just Jordan. 




If I get a chance to meet him one day… I’ll just drop dead, so no point whatsoever. 


That would be if for today, me actually obsessing over Leo haha :D 

You’ll get another dose of me obsessing over someone, it’ll just be the Sherlock series and of course, Benedict Cumberbatch.



NYX&MeMeMe makeup :)

Good evening! :D

I know, I know, OH MY GOD, it’s already the second post today. I want to make it up to you, because sometimes I don’t write nothing at all for weeks or even monthgs (oops) and I’ve said too many times that I’ll write about my new make-up :)

In my description box it says:

“plans for life, everday, fashion, travelling” 

and there hasn’t been a lot of fashion yet haha :D I feel kind of shallow writing about clothes, make-up and hairstyles, because there are so many things that are much more important than that in life, but I am still just a teenage girl, who likes to look smart-dressed and well… beautiful :) Who doesn’t want that? And still somehow make-up is the only thing that helps me sometimes, when I have some depressed days and I feel like a monster when I look into the mirror… so yeah :D Today I’ll talk about make-up: 

for my birthday gift from my parents I got money to order make-up from http://www.mojadrogerija.si (it’s a Slovenian page, so sorry guys) and I was superduper happy, because you can not easily get this kind of make-up in Slovenian stores. 

I ordered: 

- NYX Studio Perfect Primer (Anti-Redness)Image

Sorry to say that, but it really doesn’t make much of a difference to me. Redness is the things that bothers me the most on my face and I thought this would help, but I don’t think it does haha. Well, anyways, NYX still has good makeup :) 


- NYX HD (Haute Definition, eyeshadow base) 




This product is absolutely AWESOME. Like, the definition of eyeshadow, if you put this on first, it’s amazing and also- it stays on for like 24h. So yeah, totally pleased with it :)

- MeMeMe Flawless (face powder)



I don’t have the right shade, so I am orange when I put it on. Damn it, ordering on the internet, damn it! :D

- MeMeMe Flawless Cream Foundation

It’s a really creamy foundation and I like it, it gives you a smooth complexion and your skin looks great, it also covers quite good, but you use it in like 2-3 weeks haha. 



- Sleek MakeUp (eyeshadows)

Probably my favourite eyeshadows EVER. I only use the strongest colors for special occassions, like New Years Eve and I don’t usually put much make-up on when going to school and I am in school… most of my life hahah :D But I still got few chances to try this eyeshadows and they are great, combined with NYX Base. 


- real Techniques brushes

Well, this brushes were designed by a Youtube beauty guru and professional makeup artist Samantha Chapman, a lovely lady, I love her videos, and I love her brushes even more. Before that, I always used my fingers to put on makeup hahah, and it never turned up well. I am just a sad, sad amateur, when it comes to makeup, but I still love putting it on, though :) 



Let’s look at my make-up for today (my skin is awful haha, I hate it, and it’s a closeup, so don’t freak out :D Also, I repeat, I am a complete amateur when it comes to make-up and I spend only about 10 minutes, actually even less, doing this “look”. 

Also, don’t know what’s up in my lashes. They are everywhere, just not where they are supposed to be hahah :D


That would be it for today. Tomorrow I have a competition in school (from English), so… wish me luck! :D I don’t expect to come through nationals, but whatever. :D I’ll try my best. 

Good night, sweethearts. 


Happy new year! :)

Hello, darlings:)

My vacations are over and so is 2013

I can not believe how many has happened since I entered highschool in 2011: I met so many people, actually all of my friends, except one, changed. I also started studying very hard and experienced amazing things and learned how to be both sad and happy at the same time; that’s actually quite often, if you are a teenager. 

I have to say once again: 2013 was not my year. I am not superstitious, so I don’t believe that 13 is an unlucky number, it’s just that this year really had much more downs than ups… Yeah, it’s completely normal, everyone knows that life has its ups and downs, but so many downs… Man. I don’t really get the whole new year thing, why would things change, it’s just a different number, but the same world and same me? But I still decided that this year I’ll be happier and HEALTHIER! Haha.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? I never have resolutions hahah. But this year I do, I decided that I will write this blog more often. But I am just so busy… No, actually that’s just an excuse, I could take half an hour a day to write, but I am just too lazy, sometimes I even don’t know what to write about. Every day there are thousands of things that I could talk about, but I don’t think you would not find them interesting… at all. :D So I try to write only when I actually have something to say. 

To you, my darlings, I wish that you explode from happiness, drown in a sea of love and trip over a bag of money… and forget about all the last year’s shit! :D 

Also, I would like to add:

take care of your HEALTH, because when you get ill, you realise that nothing matters so much as your health does:) 

Now I have to, I have a math test coming up and I absolutely hate math, like 100%. 

HAPPY 2014! <3


The X Factor USA 2013

I have already talked a little about the X factor, because this year I was a loyal fan of the USA version. Since I have been a 12 years old girl, I’ve watched videos on Youtube- Britain’s got talent, X Factor UK, X Factor Usa, Slovenija ima talent (Slovenia’s got talent) and I was both excited and sad, because I have no such talent haha :D But this year I downloaded every episode and became a true fan of Alex&Sierra and also of Jeff, so it was hard to me to watch my favorite being beat, even though A&S were my favorites as well. THEY WOOOOOON, little me super happy.

But let me start with the FINAL 13:
1) Alex&Sierra, the WINNERS&my fav’
Groups. Simon Cowell was their mentor. If Simon likes you, I mean, REALLY likes you, you know you are going to succeed. That’s just a simple fact.

2) Restless Road
Groups. Simon Cowell was also their mentor. I like them, they are humble boys with good voices, but somehow a country group doesn’t work me, although I like country music very much :) Don’t get me wrong, I still think all the best about them.

3) Sweet Suspense
Groups, Simon Cowell. Beautiful girls, good voices, but there was a little too much jumping for me and too much people, dancers and the stage was always so… PACKED, while they were singing. I don’t think they have the same quality as Fifth Harmony or Little Mix (of course the same quality they had on their beginning, you can’t compare some contestants with real stars)

4) Josh Levi
Paulina Rubio was his mentor. I like Paulina haha, she is funny, even though on the beginning all of her comments were the same- but her English makes me smile, so I don’t care about that. Josh- drop dead gorgeus (even though I am older than him haha :/), good voice, but… don’t know why I wasn’t more impressed.

5) Rachel Potter
Kelly Rowland was her mentor and I gotta say… Kelly, YOU HAVE TO STAY ON THE X FACTOR, OHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOOD. Hilarious and gorgeus, I am impressed.
I LIKE Rachel. Her voice is between very good and amazing and I like her on the stage. Was sorry to see her go, but there were so many awesome contestants this year, I understand.

6) Khaya Cohen
Demi Lovato was her mentor- I luuuuv Demi, she is very honest and she has been through a lot, also has an awesome voice.
For me personally, Khaya had the best voice on the show- it was unique and SHE IS ONLY 16. But the problem was I could only listen to her while she was singing… because she isn’t a very pleasant person- I am sorry if I offended anyone, but I just didn’t like her… energy.

7) Carlito Olivero
Paulina Rubio was his mentor.
Okay, I wouldn’t put him through to the finals, because I just don’t like the kind of music he did on the show, but still, I like Carlito a lot, because of his devotion and relationship with his family.

8) Lillie McCloud
A true diva, but in a good way. Probably one of the hottest grandma’s in the world, yes, hahah, and also an amazing voice, but I agree with Simon- too much theatrical sometimes (only on stage, I mean).

9) Rion Page
Demi Lovato was her mentor. Little miss sunshine. She is one of those people who truly inspire me. Also sings with her heart and gives her all into the song, so yeah, I lovelovelove her!

10) Tim Olstad
I still find him boring. I can hardly remember that Paulina was his mentor.

11) Jeff Gutt
Jeff, Jeff, Jeff- I am sorry you could not win also, but I still believe there is an awesome career ahead of you and you inspire me, I think you are a great dad and your little son Tyler is sooooooo cute. I was cheering for you and you have a fan here in Slovenia! And you had the most amazing mentor.

12) Carlos Guevara
Paulina was his mentor.
He is soooooo sweet and his voice… I could listen to it nonstop. But he still has some time to grow, maybe he will come back in the future.

13) Ellona Santiago
Demi was her mentor.
I really liked Ellona, I thought she has a chance to get through the finals, but… Don’t know what didn’t work out for her. She really is a star already- the voice, the looks and the presence on the stage. Well, that’s how it is.

That’s just my humble opinion, guys.
Good night.

Paris, city of love.

Hello, hello, darlings! :)

I am so excited, because I am waiting for the X Factor US (season 3) finale and I hope that Alex and Sierra will win! I also think that Jeff Gutt is an AWESOME singer, but I am kinda in love with that cute couple with gorgeus voices- so yeah, Alex and Sierra are definitely my fav’. :)

——————————————————————————————————————————————————————As I promised, there will be talk about Paris today and I have a lot of photos for you, but note that they were taken with my iPhone 4s, because I don’t have a good camera and I didn’t take my Sony Camera with me, because I thought I would lose it and now I think I am stupid, because I have awful photos. But nevermind, the beautiful memory of Paris stays in my head.

I immediately fell in love with Paris- right at the time we were still sitting on the bus, trying to get to our parking spot, from which we later walked on foot to the Eiffel Tower and I spotted a cute little café and my mind suddenly went in a fairytale world, in which I am a writer, living in Paris, sitting in that café, working on my novel. Haha.

When we parked, our tourist guide told us that Nelson Mandela died yesterday (we didn’t know, because we were travelling with bus for about 16 hours straight, so we slept a lot and also didn’t have our phones turned on, of course. One girl asked “Who is that?” and I almost cried because I realized once again how stupid are some people around me. I mourned in my heart, because no one else seemed to care quite a lot about Mandela, even though he really did change the world.

When we arrived to the Eiffel Tower (let me get something clear: I was not impressed so much by the “Eiffel”, the pictures and christmas lights and all make it seem a lot prettier haha), we got our tickets and our guide said we have about an hour and a half to take pictures from the tower. I have to mention that my legs cried for help, while I was climbing the stairs haha- there are so many of them and I was soooo tired after the drive, well, we all were.

That’s the first picture I took when I already had some kind of a view:


I am not proud of the photos, I have to make that clear once again- used my iPhone 4s camera. Not that it’s bad though, it’s just isn’t… good enough to be taking photos of Paris with it haha :D

#2: Paris from the Eiffel Tower (I love the way the sun shines on these two photos)

IMG_5537 IMG_5541

While we were taking photos, one guy proposed to his girlfriend- but I didn’t see it haha, my friends just told me about it. I guess romance isn’t meant for me, not even to be seen :D

Later on we went to the nearest metro station (I liked the metro in London more, don’t know why though…) and before that I took a photo of the Eiffel and I even like this one… a tiny bit.


Using the metro, we wanted to get to the Notre Dame Cathedral, but… we lost one girl, she got off at the wrong station and the teachers panicked, but our tour guide found her quickly, so everything was alright. Oh, the perks of a school trip haha. And now, a photo that I actually do like:

#3: The Notre Dame Cathedral and a Christmas tree :3


Isn’t it lovely?!

After spending 10 quite minutes inside of the Cathedral (I didn’t want to take any photos, out of respect, even though all the people inside were jumping around with their cameras flashing), our tour guide said that we’ll walk to the Latin Quarter and have some free time to eat- my stomach was thrilled.

Our meeting point was… well, see it for yourself, I took a photo so we wouldn’t forget and I find it so funny hahah, because our guide said: you can’t miss it: Tunisien food place. 


Me and few of my friends went to a lovely French restaurant and ordered a menu for 10 euros (you have to note that as 17 years old teenagers, we don’t have a lot of money). It was tasty, but the portions were very small- or is just that Slovenians really do eat a lot.

When I was thinking what to write about, I realized that I forgot which day we went where and so on, how’s that possible? I remember everything that we saw, but I don’t know which day. Well, I guess that doesn’t matter.

I think that the next day was the “museum day”- Musée d’Orsay and of course, Louvre. Musée d’Orsay mainly represents French art and I found it interesting- it used to be a train station! Louvre we all know and Mona Lisa… I just guess that I don’t get art, like paintings and sculptures haha. I don’t find it anything special, but it is special, just because so many people think that it is.

Later in the afternoon we had a lot of free time to eat and go shopping in the Galeries Lafayette. That’s when it all gets funny hahah. Me and three of my friends (all girls, of course, thrilled to do some shopping) went together to explore the fashion of France, but… we were very hungry, so we had to it first. We didn’t want spend much money, of course, so we just found the first McDonalds. But sadly, McDonalds wasn’t really near our meeting point and we walked for about 10 minutes to find it and later on, we realized that we don’t know anymore how to get to our meeting point, but we decided that we won’t overthink it, we still have 3 hours left to do some SHOPPING! But somehow, we managed to find the door of a Galerie, that only had stores like Chanel, Cartier, Dior… and we of course can’t even afford to buy a button from a Chanel coat, for example, so we went to another entrance and voila! There were stuff for home, like vacuum cleaners and all sort of Christmas decorations and also pipes and oh my god, my head was spinning, it was so hot, place full of people shopping for their homes and for Christmas and I was nervous because we didn’t have much time left to shop. Finally, we managed to find a normal store with actual clothes and normal prices- H&M. Of course we also have H&M in Slovenia, but it’s a lot smaller and the choice is limited, so we went all crazy and grabbed tons of stuff, waited for like half an hour to try them on and then to pay… when we realized we are running out of time (only 10 minutes left) and we have to get to our meeting point and we knew that we are not close, AT ALL. We were lost. So we called our (superkind, supersmart) guide and told him that we have no clue where we are or how to get to the meeting point and he said that I have to tell him on which street we are and I told him, he said that we have to wait in front of the H&M for him to come and get us… so we waited and he called me back, that he is in front of the H&M and he doesn’t see us anywhere… of course he was in front of the wrong H&M, so he went to the next one and it took about 20 minutes before he got to us. We found it very funny, because we were in a good mood, but when we arrived to the bus and 40 angry faces were staring at us, like: WHY ARE YOU LATE?! … well, I realized we were the only one laughing at the time hahah. Later on, our teacher decided that is absolutely necessary to see Paris at night- panoramic view with the bus. Great idea to go to Place de la Concorde, sure- we were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. Maaaan -.^

Oh, now I remembered, one evening we went to the Montmartre hill- IT WAS AMAAAAAAAAAAZING! The view, the history of the place and the Christmas spirit- awww. It’s a shame that iPhone takes awful pictures at night, so I don’t have anything to show, so I took a photo of the internet (source: http://www.discoverwalks.com/paris-walking-tours/wp-content/blogs.dir/2/files/imp/impressionnists-3.jpg)


Gorgeus :) Probably one of my favourite corners of Paris and I’ll definitely go there on my own someday.

I only have a photo of me and my friends hahah, but it’s funny and awful.


Oh! Another thing I loved was the bridge with locks in Paris… I have to Google it what it’s called. Aaaa, Pont des Arts bridge, yes. That’s where my favourite photo was taken; you can see on the photo how relaxed we all were while staying in Paris–>


It was so cute when one of my teachers and her husband locked their love on the bridge! :) So many locks:


The last day was meant to go to Versailles and I couldn’t wait to see it, because I read so many books happening there and I wanted to see if it’s anything like I imagined it- it was, but still very much different. It’s a bit sad, because no one of my friends is into history, so they just rushed through all of the rooms, to the gardens. We took some photos there:


The girl in the colorful jacket shouldn’t be there hahah, but nevermind, I am not a photographer or something like that.

Later on, we got a bit bored outside, so we started to film funny videos and we were laughing so hard we even make strangers laugh out loud. It was fun, really- I love my schoolmates so much, really.

Oh, and another funny thing was… when I was in Japan, a lot of people wanted to took a photo with me, because I am a natural blonde with blue eyes and they don’t have them there hahah. I don’t find being blonde and having blue eyes anything special of course, I am not from the “Hitler circle”! :D Soooo, there was that little guy and his wife (I thought there were Japanese, but in fact there were from China), taking photos of us, while we were looking at a painting inside of Versailles… It was kind of creepy at first, but then the wife came forward and said her husband wants to take a photo with me and Urša- we laughed, but of course we didn’t say no. My other friend also took a photo, so I could show it to my dad haha:


The next day it was time to leave Paris, sadly and the fact that we had to get up at six a clock and we went to bed at 2:30 AM didn’t make it much easier hahah :D We drove for about 6, maybe 7 hours to Strasbourg and I have to say it’s even more gorgeus there, but it’s not such an iconic city as Paris.


Look at that! It’s wonderful, imagine living inside of a house like that.


After having some free time to eat (yeah, we really do eat a lot haha, every three hours, like babies), we went to the European parlament and it was really interesting there… mostly because a woman employee there LITERALLY FREAKED OUT and I thought she will beat up one of our teacher. She was screaming and cursing… Man hahah, now I find it hilarious, but we were all scared while she was having her “moment”.

Ooooh, I almost forget- two of my schoolmates (two boys) bought a baloon on the first day in Paris, a blue unicorn and they called it Zinki, please, don’t ask me why hahah. He was with us the whole time and even the teachers formed a relationship with him. It was our mascot of some kind… Okay, HE was, Martin would be offended if he knew that I used an “it” for Zinki. :D



The last day, Zinki “died” and his two “fathers” were actually sad. We all were hahah.

It was time to go home and even though I hated the thought that we have to drive for another 10-11 hours, I was not sorry at all that I was a part of this wonderful trip.

Now I can change “Visit Paris” on my bucket list to “Visit Paris by yourself”.

That would be it for today! :)

In the following days I have to report about my new superduper make-up from http://www.mojadrogerija.si and then… well, I am never out of words.

Sleep tight, my darlings, good night.





It’s my birthdaaaaaaay! :D

Good morning, darlings! :)

It’s my birthday- finally 17, I can’t even believe it.


It doesn’t sound special, but if you are a teenager born in December and you want to be 18 as soon as possible… Well, it takes a long time, I must say. But now, when I look back, the year 2013 looks like distant memory, even though it’s not over yet. There have been a lot of ups and downs this year and I can’t explain why, but 2013 was mostly made of downs. They say that what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger and I hope that’s true. We will see.

What I see now, is that I am a little bit grumpy. It’s just that I am lying ill in bed on my birthday and that isn’t a fun thing for sure, haha. But I am getting used to it, it was the same last year, so I am guessing it’s becoming some sort of tradition. Birthday isn’t such a big deal, it’s like you get presents and congrats for living. But I like spending my birthdays amongst people, because I am curious who will remember that it’s my birthday in person, without Facebook. Still, it’s more important that people are kind to you through the whole year, not just on your holiday, so I don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t remember it’s my birthday- some people just don’t think of birthdays as anything special or are simply not good with dates :D

I’ll go and rest now and when I feel better, there will be a post about Paris! :)